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Mountainview Sports and Handicapped Society

The Mountainview Sports and Handicapped Society ( MSHS) is a non-profit, charitable organization that is dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship, conservation and wildlife preservation. The MSHS has been serving the community of Mountainview and the greater Calgary area for over 25 years by providing a fully wheelchair accessible refuge for all members and guests to enjoy and appreciate wildlife and the environment in its natural state. In addition, the MSHS educates its members and guests about the importance of reducing waste and maintaining the delicate balance between our environment and the impact that we make on it.

Each year approximately 1500 people visit the MSHS grounds from various youth organizations such as the Girl Guides, Scouts, and Cadets as well as numerous sports based bodies. Each visitor is empowered with knowledge designed to improve our environment by increasing awareness and instilling a sense of pride and ownership. By the same token each one of our guests offers improvement opportunities to the MSHS which we endeavour to implement on an on-going basis in order to grow with our members, our visitors and the entire community. The MSHS also endeavours to give-back to the community whenever possible as in the case of the 2013 floods by banding together with other organizations to make a sizeable donation to the Red Cross for flood relief.